Astronomy Education Services has visited over sixty schools, Rural Community Resource Centres, and Mining Operations in Western Australia.  AES has produced a lot of very happy and satisfied customers throughout the years. Check out what a few have to say about our service;


Seton Catholic College
Our Year 10 students were enthralled with the presentation given by Rick today. He took them on a journey back to the beginning of time; bringing the Big Bang Theory to life. We were thrilled with how well the material aligned with the Year 10 W.A Earth & Space Science Curriculum and supported the student’s classroom learning. His expertise and good humour appealled to students of all abilities. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive and we will certainly be booking another visit next year.
Natalie H. (Head of Science).

Many thanks for coming out and speaking to the students at John XXIII today. I would like to thank you for both educating and entertaining both the staff and the year 10 students with your presentation. It was evident by the behaviour of the students that they were totally engrossed in your talk. When I spoke to a number of students afterwards, the general theme was that it was a “great talk” and you made a “boring subject really interesting”. They also appreciated you sense of humour and the way in that you broke down concepts into something that they could relate to. So once again thank you, and we will definitely book you again next year.
Amanda Webb PhD.

Gingin District High School
You recently gave a star gazing night at Gingin District High School. I have been congratulated for an excellent evening by a number of individuals including a letter from the P&C President who thoroughly enjoyed herself and would like you back every year. However, it was your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your professionalism and your high tech equipment that made the night enjoyable to so many and I thank you for a successful night. If other schools are looking for quality incursions that relate to the Science curriculum, specifically Earth and Beyond then Richard from Astronomy Education Services will deliver.
M. Beard – Gingin DHS.

Yerecoin Primary School
What a fantastic night! The students were given an extraordinary view of our universe and some of its secret treasures. Richard was very clear in his explanations and made the most complex ideas and concepts easy to grasp for all ages (Kindergarten to Year 7). The students were enthralled! They were able to view objects such as the Jewel Box Cluster, Eta Carinae nebula and Omega Centauri. Richard was able to consolidate and revise classroom learnt concepts using an engaging interactive whiteboard presentation. This was followed up by an informative telescope session. What a brilliant resource for teaching Earth & Beyond – We’ll definitely have you back!

Ocean Reef Primary School
The feedback from last weeks field night was fantastic and everybody wants to do it again. Well done on providing a great night’s entertainment. I will get in touch early next year and organise a time for June/July so that we can look at the really interesting stuff.
Kevin Easther
Deputy Principal
Ocean Reef Primary School

Comments from Dalwallinu AFN

“If he’s teaching at Uni, his students must be mesmerized!”

“We all had a wonderful night touring the heavens with you.”

“It was great! I didn’t know the sky was so big!”.

Exmouth Astro-Busking Nights

“An interesting and informative night and well worth the time and money.” – Heather J.

“Very informative – I enjoyed it very much. There is a hell of a lot Rick knows.” – Bill M.

“Informative, interesting lots of information, beautiful to look at – well done! ” – Lisa F.

“Very informative, lots of information and highly educational – thanks! ” – Grant W.

“Great night! Really enjoyed it!” – Soshana C.

“A great look at the stars and a great look at different types of telescopes.” – William B.

“Such an exciting and passionate communicator – you make something so complex so easy to understand!” – Linda S.

“Awesome, truly awesome! You explain it so well! Good sense of humor too!” – Steph M.

“Such Passion and enthusiasm! I want a telescope too!” – Anne T.