Have a Scout Group that need their Celestial Navigation badge? Perhaps a Youth Group meeting with a difference ? Or maybe your Social Club, Church Group, Enthusiast Club require a guest speaker?  AES Can deliver.

Special Interest Group Astronomy Night

Councils/ Community Resource Centres:

Thinking of including an educational slant to your next council sponsored event, why not a Stargazing Night for the local rate payers.




“See that star? It might not be there any more. Its light is still crossing space, just reaching our eyes now but we don’t see it as it is, see it as it was. Telescopes are time machines.” – Carl Sagan.


AES provides the best, portable viewing telescopes for your students to observe the universe.

Each telescope uses a sturdy, computer controlled mount to keep the target centred so students can observe with out the object disappearing from the field of view. Check out some of the instruments we pack in our kit;

Special Interest Group Yandi Star Gazers
Special Interest Group Yandi Star Gazers