AES specialises in School Incursions, all across the state. From Primary to Secondary, suburban schools to rural and country schools, AES is the perfect way to compliment your classes study in Earth & Space Science. Adhering to the Department of Education’s Curriculum (K-10), AES reinforces and adds to the students knowledge as taught in the classroom.

We also include the Home School Network. Parents are welcome to engage my services for either a one-on-one astronomy lesson or get together a group of other home schooled students for an “in house” astronomy lesson. Contact AES for further details.

Day Time Class & Solar Viewing

AES’s motto is “Bringing the Universe to You” – and that’s exactly what we do!
Our day time presentations cover various ages groups and topics relevant to the Education Curriculum Earth & Space Sciences. Topics include:

Sun, Earth & Moon system,
Night and Day; Our Rotating Earth
Why the Sun, Moon and Stars move across the Sky
Why we have Seasons
The Solar System
Eclipses of the Sun and Moon
“Pictures in the Night” – all about the Constellations
The Lives of Stars – Basic Stellar Evolution.
Our place in the Universe – Stars, Galaxies and the Big Bang

An hour long, in class lesson, reinforces and adds to the students knowledge on the particular subject. This also gives students the opportunity to ask questions.

Following the in class lesson, a dedicated Solar Telescope is set up and aimed at the nearest star to Earth, our mighty Sun. Students get to observe our Sun in exquisite detail, observing it’s surface such as sun spots, filaments and active regions.

Our Sun in Hydrogen Alpha and White Light


A view through the Solar Telescope