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Thinking of treating your staff to something different? Or perhaps you want to impress new or existing clients?

AES can provide you, your staff and guests a stargazing evening under the stars to remember.

With AES’s mobile observatory, we can provide incredible views of the night sky, along with expert commentary while you view the wonders of space.

We can also set up a traveling, Astro-Photographic Exhibition – projecting works from Celestia Photographica – A Photographic Study of our Breathtaking Universe with a laptop and data projector.

Contact AES for more information so that we can tailor a night that suits your needs.


Special Interest Group Yandi Star Gazers
Staff from HWE Mining at Yandi Mine site enjoying the Universe.
Scope and Stars - Karafilis Winery
Scopes and Stars – Karafilis Winery, Bridgetown WA.