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Astronomy Field Night / Stargazing In Schools

Equipped with 4 computer controlled telescopes (more telescopes available if the group numbers warrant) and over 18 years of astronomical knowledge, AES’s Astronomy Field Nights bring distant celestial treasures into the eyes and minds of students. A 30 minute lecture at the beginning of the evening brings into focus what...

Education Services

AES specialises in School Incursions, all across the state. From Primary to Secondary, suburban schools to rural and country schools, AES is the perfect way to compliment your classes study in Earth & Space Science. Adhering to the Department of Education’s Curriculum (K-10), AES reinforces and adds to the students...

Special Interest / Youth Groups

Have a Scout Group that need their Celestial Navigation badge? Perhaps a Youth Group meeting with a difference ? Or maybe your Social Club, Church Group, Enthusiast Club require a guest speaker?  AES Can deliver. Councils/ Community Resource Centres: Thinking of including an educational slant to your next council sponsored...

About AES

Astronomy Education Services (AES) is a Western Australian company dedicated to delivering professional, entertaining and up-to-date public outreach and education service in the science of Astronomy.

AES is the original and best Astronomy Incursion provider to schools in Western Australia. Drawing from over 18 years experience in Astronomy and Astronomy Education, AES specialises in teaching Astronomy and Earth & Space Science topics that encompass the WA Education Curriculum (K to 10, Years 11 & 12 and Tertiary).

AES is passionate about educating and inspiring the scientists of tomorrow, helping to ignite the spark of curiosity in the minds of all ages.

“Bringing the Universe to you…..”

Richard Tonello

Richard Tonello
(Owner/ Astronomer)



Richard’s experience in the field of Astronomy spans over 18 years, from teaching various community courses through UWA Extensions and TAFE, to heading up the Public Outreach and Education at the Perth Observatory from 2004 to 2010.

Currently, Richard is Manager and Senior Astronomer at the Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory, Gingin, and his goal is to make it the best public Astronomical Observatory in the country. He also lectures for the School of Science at Edith Cowan University and has held the position of Astronomy Lecturer since 2010.

He’s also involved in active research in the hunt for Exo-Planets and has worked with the following institutions in various capacities;
* NASA / JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
* United States Air Force Academy
* University of Western Australia
* Edith Cowan University
* Curtin University of Technology
* International Centre of Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)
* Gravity Discovery Centre, Gingin
* Kurongkurl Katitjin (Indigenous Australian Education and Research/ ECU Mt Lawley)

Richard was also Head Lecturer/ Presenter for the successful 2015 Guinness World Record for the “Largest Astronomy Lesson”, instructing and entertaining 1108 participants who attended the event in the Shire of Kalamunda.

Many schools throughout the Perth metropolitan area, as well as regional areas of Western Australia have AES/ Richard back every year to communicate the wonder of Astronomy, inspiring students of all ages into taking an interest in science. If you want the very best to talk about all things Astronomy, Earth & Space and Stargazing, book Richard for your school incursions.

The Great Orion Nebula
M42 – The Great Orion Nebula
Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372)
Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372)

The Universe Explained in 4 Minutes

Astronomy Education Services has worked with
Gravity Discovery Centre
U.S. Air Force
US Air Force Academy
University of Western Australia
Curtin University
Edith Cowan University